Hey Y’all!

Hello World! In case you haven’t caught a glimpse of my seriously awesome bio (I bet you just looked, didn’t you?) yet my name is Taylor and I am, mostly, in charge of our home and farm here at the Lovely Little Homestead. It’s so great to (virtually) meet you!

We live on 7 acres in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. We recently bought a 102 year old farmhouse for our little family to share and grow in. There were quite a few buildings in various states of disrepair on the property when we moved here. Slowly we are going through to repair, tear down, and re-purpose them.

The Family

Our little family consists of myself, the hardworking hubs (HH for future reference), and our two lovely little ones.

HH and I started dating in high school and now have 5 years of marriage under our belts. No easy feat, believe me, but it’s been a wonderful ride and he somehow puts up with all my crazy schemes even after all these years. Maybe he’s finally realized I’m just as stubborn as he is? This poor guy works off the homestead full time and then gets to come home and clean up all my messes/do the heavy lifting/ and if I’m really lucky he even makes dinner, yum!

We have two kiddos, Little Man & Miss Priss. Little Man is just over 2.5 as I write this and a total boy; black eye from climbing things he shouldn’t, flat feet that thud when he runs through the house giggling, an obsession with vacuuming, and all. He’s our happier child of the two. Miss Priss just turned one and  she was a very difficult infant (moms, if you need an ear I’ve got your back. It’s tough!). Now she spends her days clinging to Mommy like a baby sloth and trying to eat the dirt from my house plants. Scintillating.

I am blessed to spend my days chasing after our (really fast and curious) little ones, keeping our whole home running smooth, writing in my not so spare time, and running the day-to-day stuff for the farm too. Oh, and crazily staring out the window waiting for Mailman Dave to bring me packages. I may have a small online shopping addiction due to living 30 minutes from the nearest Walmart. This week we wait on our new doggie pooper scooper and muck boots for Cash. Fascinating life, right?

We also have two 50 lb. dogs that are overly protective of our young ones, bark at anything that moves (terrible for nap time, really), and spend their days lounging on the couch. Spoiled might be a good word for them.


Why This Lifestyle?

First and foremost we wanted our kids to grow up grounded.  We want them to know that a hamburger isn’t from the little crinkly packaging at Walmart or from the golden arches (McDonald’s). We also wanted them to know about real life things, not learn from the watered down version the school & general public gives them. Also, we don’t raise pansies. In our house you will take responsibility for your actions and what better way to learn these things than growing up on a farm!?

My husband and I truly have an interest in where our food comes from and what goes into it and there is no better way of knowing these things than to grow your own.

We are fully aware that the world is an unstable place. We aim to have some sort of leg to stand on if SHTF. We are not full on preppers by any means, and no offense to anyone that is, but we like to be a bit self-sufficient yet not over the top.

We both grew up with some livestock/farm contact (baling hay, breeding animals, showing at the county fair, etc.) and now we are striking it out on our own to apply all that accrued knowledge for our own life & family.



My hope is that through this blog you can learn a little, teach me a lot, have a good chuckle every once in a while, and hopefully save yourself some time/tears/frustration from my own research and mistakes.


Pretty please feel free to drop a comment just to say hey, tell me I’m crazy, or whatever else floats your boat. I LOVE hearing from you guys and want to help in any way that I can! It keeps me going. If you have an idea for something you want me to write about or that you hope I know a little something, something about let me know!


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