Fresh Orange Sauce Recipe

Prepare yourself for the easiest Orange Chicken Sauce ever! I’m all about easy food that doesn’t make you start dinner 4 hours ahead of time. Ya’ feel me?

My search for an easy orange chicken sauce recipe started when my mother in law dropped off 24 pounds of Cuties last night. So. Many. Oranges. Some had frozen in the weather and were not doing too hot. After canning and freezing most of the extra squishy ones I had a ton of peels left over and started scheming. You see where this going don’t you? Continue reading “Fresh Orange Sauce Recipe”

EASY Crock Pot Yogurt Recipe

Seriously y’all this is the easiest yogurt recipe I’ve found! It takes time but it’s almost all passive, so you can go on about your day while this magic brews. I found a ton of crock pot recipes on a Pinterest board that I wish I could find again because there were a bunch of great recipes on there, but alas! Here it is:

Now I’m not a huge fan of those recipes that have you reading 8 pages before you get to your ingredients (If I don’t have it then I’m not making it, you feel me?). So I’ll save my funny goof up story for the end 😉 For this recipe you’re going to need:


  • ½ cup of yogurt with LIVE cultures in it. The packaging will tell you.
  • ½ Gallon of milk (I used some raw milk from a local farmer that my friend gets a share from- don’t let my GV container fool you)
  • A crock pot (duh!)
  • A thick bath towel or blanket
  • 1 packet unflavored gelatin (optional)

How To Do the Thing:
  • First off, you’re going to pour the ½ gallon of milk into the crock pot. Leave this cooking on low for 2 ½ hours.

  • When your 2 ½ hours is up you are going to unplug the crock pot, leave the lid on, and just let it sit for 3 hours (see, I told you it’s mostly passive cooking).
  • After the 3 hours scoop out 2 cups of the kinda warm milk and pour it into a bowl with your ½ cup of yogurt. Mix it well. At this point if you are going to add gelatin go ahead (homemade yogurt is much thinner than store bought yogurt, so the gelatin is to make it similar consistency).
  • Pour the milk, yogurt, and possibly gelatin mixture back into the crock pot & stir to combine it all.
  • Put the lid back on your crock pot and wrap a heavy towel or blanket all around the crock pot (still unplugged). This will keep the heat in.

  • Now, walk away for 8 hours!
  • Put in containers (I like using mason jars for the seal) and let it chill. You can add whatever flavorings you want and enjoy!
Little Man wanted to help Mommy


My Tips
  1. I tend to start my batches early in the morning since they take so long, I’m not much of a night owl if I can help it.
  2. Don’t add 2 extra gelatin packets, take it from me (Here’s my goofy story). The original recipe that I found said add “1 unflavored gelatin”. The first time I made it I couldn’t decide if it meant 1 packet or 1 box of the gelatin so to err on the side of caution I put 2 packets in (4 came in the box) and hoped for the best. I mean what could go wrong, right? When I started putting it in containers for the fridge it was a good but maybe a little thin consistency, so I was glad I hadn’t only put one packet in. Then I got up the next morning and after chilling all night it came out thicker than pudding! Made for some good fro-yo though! See that pic? It was thick enough for the writing on the lid to leave an imprint. Oops!

  1. Flavored yogurts used as starter don’t produce much of a flavored yogurt, I tried. Also, the fruit chunks get kind of weird. Please learn that one from me.



Do you have a yogurt recipe that you like? Let’s hear it!