Setting YOUR Homestead Goals

Benjamin Franklin is attributed with saying that “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

The homestead is no exception! If you’re not planning for things to happen then it could take eons longer and many costly mistakes until you (maybe, hopefully) reach your homestead goals. I don’t know about you, but I like saving money and being efficient

It’s never too early to start planning your homestead goals. HH & I started our plans for our homestead 6 months before we even signed on our papers. But secretly I’ve been homestead dreaming for years (you’ll hear more on that soon). Below you’ll find a {FREE} Homestead Goals Printable to help you set your own homestead goals!


But where do you start!?

I, personally, am one of those big-picture, dream big types. I have to-do lists 8 miles long and post it notes all over the house (generic ones, of course, because I’m a tight wad). I keep separate notebooks for different segments of the farm and for my personal life. And I tend to bite off more than I can chew. A lot.

Seriously, like 5 notebooks minimum.

Frequently there are tasks on my to-do list left for “tomorrow” but I’m pretty good about pulling all nighter’s when it’s necessary. Seriously, you have no idea how many t-shirt blankets I’ve made for my sewing business after midnight!

When it comes to homesteading my husband is huge help in accomplishing all our big (and I do mean big!) goals. This makes a big part of setting your homestead goals and being able to follow through is breaking them down into manageable chunks.

Setting Your Goals

Most of all you should absolutely be setting short and long-term goals for yourself, in 6-month, year-end, and 5-year increments. Breaking it down means that you get to check off a lot of smaller goals and ride that accomplishment trainer sooner/longer. It’s perfect for your motivation to keep going

A deadline for accomplishing your goals, while being realistic about them, should be your priority. Your second priority should be being flexible. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned and you need to be able to roll with the punches. How many times have you set out with a plan for your day on the farm and 5 o’clock rolls around just for you to realize that you got nothing on your list done because a pig ran through their fencing for the hundredth time, or one of your cows had a difficult birth you needed to assist with, or any of the other million scenarios that happen every single day? I promise you, it happens to us all.


You can get a copy of my great {FREE} Homesteading Goals Printable sent straight to your inbox when you subscribe!


Here are some of our short and long-term homestead goals. I like to make notes so use the extra space on your printable to jot down any pertinent info that will help you reach your goals.


6 Month Goals:

  • Get the roof painted on our farmhouse & Big Red (our name for the barn)
  • Buy a farm wagon (It came in the mail last week and has been phenomenal at helping us bring in firewood!)
  • Get a milk cow (my personal favorite)
  • Get laying hens (Check out our Chicken Supplies Checklist before getting your first chickens!)
  • Learn to make cheese and yogurt!
  • Clean out our run-in shed (when we moved it was filled with old tires and lots of plastic & thorny briars
  • Finish building the greenhouse (pics to come!)
  • Fix the barn roof (You can see how half was missing in the photo here)
  • Start our garden- We are considering an edible lawn to best utilize our modest space

1 Year Goals:

  • Buy a chest freezer
  • 2 Hogs for meat (1 for us and 1 to sell)
  • Can/Preserve most of our garden harvest
  • Learn to butcher our hogs and cow
  • Render fat/lard from our butcher hog
  • Teach myself to make butter
  • Start raising our own chickens for meat
  • Increasing our deer harvest responsibly
  • Start composting
  • Begin planning our orchard & planning trees this fall

5 Year Goals:

  • Bees for honey
  • Expanding our garden into a CSA
  • Planting more orchard trees
  • Purchase a tractor for the farm
  • Build a new/larger root cellar

The best part of putting my goals out there for you to see? The accountability!

Need a kick in your butt or an accountability partner to keep you motivated? Comment below or shoot me an email! I’d love to help you along in your journey!